Taking part in the Compassion Lottery couldn't be easier

Just follow the simple instructions below for your chance to win great cash prizes:

  • Click on the ENTER NOW tab
  • Choose the number of entries you would like and enter your personal details
  • Enter your Direct Debit details
  • Review your entry details on the summary page and click ‘Complete’.
    That’s it – you’re entered!

We’ll send you an email confirmation and a letter in the post confirming your entry to our Weekly Lottery, including your lucky six-digit unique lottery number(s).

If you have any questions please call our Weekly Lottery Helpline on 01628 201370

A pig in a field with three pigs in the background. How to play and win! Simply match at least three of your numbers to the winning numbers in the right order to win a prize! Example winning numbers: 581672. Example of your numbers: 583271. 5 match. 8 match. 7 match. Three matching numbers in the right order means you would win £5.

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