We would like to say Congratulations to our lucky winners for 16th February 2024

Winning Number 761395

Match 4 Numbers Win £25.00
Full NameLottery NumberTownPrize
Mrs Pamela Barnard768355Reading£25.00
Mr Roy Wallis761635Stroud£25.00

Match 3 Numbers Win £5.00
Full NameLottery NumberTownPrize
Miss Michelle Field761680GODALMING£5.00
Mr William Gill765352MARKET RASEN£5.00
Mrs Christine Blyth769235Fort William£5.00
Ms Sonya Burton 781194Harrow£5.00
Ms Zoe Hart781379Colchester£5.00
Mrs Faye Ogilvie791090Wantage£5.00
Mrs Fiona Marie Valentine861835Beauly£5.00
Ms Susan Thomas863355Haywards Heath£5.00
Mr Russell Davis921394Solihull£5.00
Mrs Ann Canfer941695Bognor Regis£5.00
Mrs Noreen Greenacre061985Coulsdon£5.00
Mrs Barbara Parr261699Glasgow£5.00
Mrs Susan Noble262315CHESHAM£5.00
Ms Rebecca Sirrell265355Darlington£5.00
Mr Robert Burrows387395Southampton£5.00
Mrs Gina Sopwith451335Basingstoke£5.00
Ms Martine Tranter461605London£5.00
Mrs Caroline Wick471399Hastings£5.00
Mrs Joan Milne661690Stirling£5.00
Ms Panayiota Panayiotou701374St. Albans£5.00
Mrs Toni Heatley 705345Southam£5.00
Ms Jayne Parrington 711099Clitheroe£5.00
Mrs Kim Terry718895Shrewsbury£5.00
Mrs Eileen Macpherson733394Inverness£5.00
Mrs Anna Caro747335Hove£5.00

If you are one of our lucky winners, we will contact you within 21 days of the draw date and will pay your winnings directly to your Bank Account.

The winning number will be posted each Monday after the draw.

Good luck and thank you for all of your support.

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